We invest in the world's potential

Here at SoftTech we work on making new innovations in the field of Internet of things, IOT.
Our prospective is to give a more technical oriented experience to our client at the same time making their life much easier using tech related products.
We deal in smart home gadgets for creating a smart ecosystem at our costumer's finger tips.

Our Product

Here are the biggest enterprise technology acquisitions of 2023 so far, in reverse chronological order. Save water in a smart way with softtech.cloud

Comming Soon

Our product will be very easy to integrate

"This will bring advanced technology to everyone's home."

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Sudhanshu Prasad
Developer at SoftTech (CTO)

Solid foundation for any project

"Designing with Figma components that can be easily translated to the utility classNamees of Tailwind CSS is a huge timesaver!"

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Himanshu Rout

Mindblowing workflow

"Aesthetically, the well designed components are beautiful and will undoubtedly level up your next application."

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Subhankar Sahoo

Efficient Collaborating

"You have many examples that can be used to create a fast prototype for your team"

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Kumar Janmejay